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Breaking Free - Moving Through Transition & Sensitive Awakening

Posted by Linda Gillan on October 25, 2015 at 5:10 AM Comments comments (1)


Coming Soon:

   'Breaking Free' is an INSPIRATIONAL BOOK for ALL AGES. 

   Moving through Transition and Sensitive Awakening, breaking free to soar in HEART, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT

I drew the simple sketches and wrote the words in 1994 and am thrilled with Bobbi Marchini's wonderful photos, which have captured and enhanced the essence of my narrative beautifully.

'INSIDE, LOOKING OUT' ~ A Journe with Mental Health and Sensitive Awakening

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 Mental Illness / Sensitive Awakening / Energetic Vibrations.

In 2014 I held my breath as I took the first plunge to start writing 'INSIDE, LOOKING OUT', my journey, personal experiences and perspecitve of Mental Illness, Recovery and Sensitive Awakening, through the eyes of a child, adolescence and adulthood. 

My first episode and hospitalisation was in 1993.  Diagnosis - Stress Induced BRIEF REACTIVE PSYCHOSIS.  I have since been in hospital two times, roughly 10 year's apart. 

Over the years, (through trial and error)... I have learned to sense and be aware of the SUBTLE CHANGES in my body and mind, to read fluctuating levels of anxiety and to act on this.  I live a HAPPY, HEALTHY and FULFILLING life, travel the world, take risks and sometimes work to deadlines, all the while maintaining a high level of wellness in BODY, MIND and SOUL, with daily MEDITATION and other HOLISTIC STRATEGIES which work for me.

Every episode and period of hospitalisation was brought on by LONG TERM, UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL STRESS (Family related) and as I type these words.. I AM NERVOUS...firstly as, right now, I am working through the process of deciding where best to base my 'home', with my daughter and very young family iving in Canada, my son recently moved to Findland and my closest friends being in Australia. Secondly, because in our Western Society, Mental Illness have been something little talked about and there is an abonimable STIGMA surrounding Mental Disorders, this is something I have experienced first hand several times. 

Over the years (through trial and error I may add)... I have learned to sense the sublte change in my body and mind and to read fluctuating levels of anxiety or imbalance.  I LIVE a happy, healthy and fullfilling life, travel the world, take risks, push through deadlines and maintain a high level of wellness in my body, mind and soul with daily Meditation and Holistic strategies which work for me.

EXPERIENCE has taught me to BE PREPARED:  I carry a small 'EMERGENCY KIT' which contains these 5 THINGS

A LIST to remind me of simple things I can do that will help lower anxiety levels.  MEDICATION with clear instructions. LETTER from my Doctor. My NAME and CONTACT details for family and friends.

        Linda Gillan ~ 6 Sept 2015.


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Children's Photo-Story Book - Written and produced by Linda Gillan  - photographs by Bobbi Marchini

An enchanting tale about the everlasting friendship between two swans, life on the river and the mysteries they discover on their journey together. The story is beautifully complimented by Bobbi's photos of Australian wild-life and natural habitats,

" ....White Swan turned and glided smoothly through the water, with her head held high..after a while, she glanced down into the water and smiled knowingly at Black Swan...'

Young Children's Australian Photo-story books 'BUSH CALLS - Australia' and 'I LOVE THE BUSH - Australia'

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WORKS IN PROGRESS:  'BUSH CALLS - Australia'  and  'I LOVE THE BUSH - Australia'  photo-story books by Linda Gillan & Greg Hastings 

Linda is compiling the second and third books in this series of three photo-story books, each based on a song written by Greg Hastings from the 'Wandering In The Bush Show'...

Self Published & Released 2014: 'WALKING IN THE BUSH - Australia by Linda Gillan & Greg Hastings

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Long-time ONGOING PROJECT of Linda's came to fuition with the release and BOOK LAUNCH of a book for Early Readers.

Photo-Story book -  'WALKING IN THE BUSH - Australia'    Self Published by Linda Gillan & Greg Hastings 
2014 BOOK LAUNCH: Belmont Library, Wright St. Cloverdale. Western Australia. 
Thursday 22nd August 2014
10.30am. Book Launch followed by a performance with Greg and Linda 'WANDERING IN THE BUSH SHOW'...