Linda Gillan ~ HEART of LINDA            

             Mentor and Advocate For Mental Health  

Our highest DREAMS and DESIRES begin with a single thought and it is what we do with that initial thought that determines the direction of our aim. The thought becomes an idea, which leads to a passionate wish to achieve our highest dreams and heart’s desire.

Some may act instantly on their realization, for others, a yearning sense of purpose will lie just below the surface, relentlessly trying to grab your attention and then in one moment, you just ‘know’ what to do.

We offer our highest and utmost wish to the universe and propel our dream to take flight.

When every thought, word and deed is fuelled with love, kindness and integrity, the energies driving our deepest desire move into the external world and a path miraculously opens up to bring the DREAM TO REALITY. As on any flight, we may experience some turbulence along the way and on hitting bumps on my dream’s journey ‘Hope’ was transformed to ‘Trust’ and struggle as I often have when others would prefer I changed direction, there was no going back, my dream had taken off and the only way for me to maintain a peaceful heart is to fasten my seatbelt and enjoy the ride…

                                                      GIVE FLIGHT TO YOUR DREAMS 

                         Fuel them with LOVE, TRUST, INTEGRITY, KINDNESS & PASSION  

                                                                         Linda Gillan       

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