Linda Gillan ~ HEART of LINDA            

             Mentor and Advocate For Mental Health  



Children's Photo-story book.

Sincere thanks to Bobbi Marchini (Australian Musician & Photographer) whose photos have inspired the journey and brought the story to life

Photo - Bobbi Marchini


A Journey with Mental Health and Sensitive Awakening

My hope is to educate, towards open communication and stopping the stigma surrounding Mental Health issues.

My aim is to make the book available to Schools, Nursing and Medical students and staff, patients, their families and friends.

Photo - Miniature Village ~ Bourton-on-The-Water, England, UK

Photo-story book for young children.

Easy to follow format for early readers...

Based on the first song in Greg Hastings' Wandering In The Bush Show.

Children of all ages will love the colourful pages & photos of Greg & Linda on tour in diverse, remote regions of Australia.

       Book Launch 2013

CHILDREN'S WEEK  - AUGUST 2013 @ Belmont Library, Perth, Western Australia  Local Entertainers Greg Hastings & Linda Gillan performed their Interactive Children's Show, followed by the BOOK LAUNCH & signing of 'Walking In The Bush - Australia', their self-published, children's photo-story book, based on song lyrics by Greg Hastings from the first song in the Wandering In The Bush Show'.