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At first, we notice something STIRS  US  DEEP  INSIDE when speaking and interacting in everyday life. We begin to live, breathe and MOVE in THE ENERGY of our PASSION.

THOUGHTS become IDEAS, which lead to POSSIBILITIES and, stepping out of our comfort zone. we start TAKING RISKS to ACT on NEW OPPORTUNITIES and before too long, we find we are sharing our dream and WORKING OUR  TALK.

Find your passion 

Make conscious daily choices 

Step into new opportunities 

Share your dream


The Path To 'Working Your Talk' 

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The Wellness Universe  

Congratulations Anna Peirera & Shari Alyse, (co-founders) for following your dream. Heartfelt thanks to you and the incredible #WUVIP team, for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful community of people co-creating positive change in the world...